Thursday, September 19, 2013

North Willow Glen History Part 13 of 15: The 1990s

North Willow Glen begins to turn itself around. Volunteers build the white fence along "Fuller Plaza" and get the City to donate the materials. North Willow Glen neighbor activists plant the pistache trees and other trees in the Bird Avenue median between Fuller and Coe. Neighbor activists get landscaping for the abandoned City lot at Bird and Fisk. Later in the decade, the City promises new effort and funds to help under-serviced neighborhoods such as North Willow Glen. A significant part of North Willow Glen is included in the Greater Gardner Coalition, eligible for City aid as part of the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative (SNI).
Fuller Plaza gets its iconic fence.
Second track added to railroad line.

Leading up to the September 21st Willow Glen Founders Day Parade on Lincoln Avenue, NWGNA is providing readers with history about the evolution of our neighborhood, largely excerpted from Ken Ecklund's North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association Page.

We view this as our history and encourage you to share. Stories and photos of North Willow Glen are very welcome and with your permission and credit we would like to archive this information to improve our understanding of life in our neighborhood throughout the years. Please post here or reach us via e-mail at

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