Monday, February 10, 2014

Is this your dog? Let us know!


  1. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Annette & Bill, are you the kind folks that took in the old wet lost dog? I was thrilled to read that he was captured and was inside, warm, fed, watered and dry. Has he been taken to a vet to have him wanded for a microchip? That would identify the owner, there is no cost for this service. I was going to go out and try to find the old man, so happy to hear he is safe - I looked at SJAC at their lost dogs page and there was no older dog reported as lost/missing. Please keep me posted if you don't mind, this ol' man has caught my heart. I already have 3 rescues, one is a 10+ yr old GS...if you are keeping him until his owner is found, let me know if you need some supplies, I have everything he could need - canned and dry food, treats, toys, leash and collars and an old suv with a doggy ramp for transport. Bless you, Valerie Harmil

  2. Valerie, a friend in the neighborhood is caring for this dog right now. He is very experienced with dogs so he will take her to be scanned if he doesn't hear anything. We will let you know if we can't find her home. Thanks for asking!

  3. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Annette, good news....thank you for posting. Please, if you or your neighbor can't find her own home, pls don't take her to the shelter in San Jose...I used to volunteer there for about 4 yrs and it is not the best place for a senior dog to go. It is very stressful there with all the barking etc. I would suggest another shelter, if needed, that I had adopted my 10+ yr old German kind of your neighbor to help out, who knows, the neighbor just might get attached to the ol' gal ! :) Happy Tails to You :)