Thursday, June 27, 2013

Everything Old is New Again

 In a neighborhood as ours that is so old and yet so transformational it is important to keep an eye on tradition while keeping up with the times; balancing the historic with the present and the future. For thirteen years now the North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association has represented the residents of our fine neighborhood and the symbol created back then has represented NWGNA.

Through months of discussion, and many, many iterations, with the input of neighborhood leaders - many of whom have contributed consistently and tirelessly going back well before the formalization of NWGNA - we have created a significantly updated representation. Through a process of careful selection of elements deemed most relevant, the symbol of North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association has undergone a remodel.

We chose not to demolish and build anew, nor to simply slap on a coat of paint for a quick flip. We chose rather to revive the essence of the original through a comprehensive remodel. With this in mind, we invite our neighbors to take a look at our logo. As the new logo is phased in on the most cost-effective basis, the prior logo will be phased out, but NWGNA will continue its quest to fulfill its mission to create a neighborhood that is a pleasure to live in; appealing to both residents and their guests; a place that is free of crime, litter, and blight; an environment that is safe for adults, children, and pets; a neighborhood that is beautiful in landscape and architecture."

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Willow Glen in 1927

As many of you may know, and those in attendance at the May Friends & Neighbors meeting certainly know, Willow Glen was incorporated as a city in 1927. The current definition of Willow Glen has changed greatly since then. What today is known as North Willow Glen or Greater Gardner was just barely included in the original map. Those of you on Brooks and Fisk are living in an area on that map.
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