Monday, May 30, 2016

Help needed: Community Action & Pride Grant Lead

For the past few years, the North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association has been fortunate to receive funds from the Community Action and Pride Grant (called a CAP Grant), offered by the City of San Jose via the United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County (UNSCC). Over the last several years we have submitted a relatively consistent grant application and we were awarded $1,500 per year. These funds have been used for our annual Party In The Park and year-end party, events that bring neighbors together to meet each other and learn more about our great neighborhood.

Currently, we need a volunteer to write the annual CAP grant application, submit it, and manage it throughout the year, including submitting the final report. This important role comes with a mentor for the first year, so you would be able to ask questions and receive guidance from an experienced person.

Maintenance of the CAP grant requires understanding the goals of our Neighborhood Association, recording expenditures related to the grant, communicating with Neighborhood Association Board members, and meeting deadlines.

Important dates for the CAP grant include:
June 2016 - Submit application for UNSCC membership
July 2016 - Submit application for the new CAP grant
If awarded, the CAP grant covers expenditures from September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017
September 2017 - Close out the CAP grant by submitting receipts and recording expenditures and commitments

More information is available online

Please send a note to with any questions!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Save the Date: June 6th High Speed Rail Community Meeting

This may be the best opportunity we have to learn about the plans California High Speed Rail has for passing through Willow Glen and specifically Gardner and North Willow Glen. At the request of several residents, councilmember Peralez's office has set up a CHSRA community meeting near our neighborhood.

The current program alignment calls for additional tracks passing through a widened rail corridor with a number of eminent domain property acquisitions including Fuller Park, a house of worship, and other parcels. The aerial route over 87 and 280 is currently listed as an alternative. If you have a preference among these options or any others you may want to attend and voice your preference and concerns.

Time: TBD
Date: Monday, June 6
Location: Gardner Community Center, 520 W Virginia St, San Jose, CA 95125

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Take a book, return a book

Terry Woo and Laura Herse were inspired to participate in the Lending Library movement when they encountered a Free Little Library in Japantown. After investigating, they loved the idea of encouraging literacy through neighborhood connections. 

Rebecca Adams wanted our neighborhood to have a second Little Free Library to serve the many kids in the neighborhood. The excitement her kids have to stock and maintain the little library is an extra bonus. 

There are many great books to choose from at 585 Coe and 477 Snyder. With the philosophy "take a book, return a book," all books are free to enjoy and exchange. 

A special thank you to our neighbors expanding our community through literacy.

Monday, May 09, 2016

High-Speed Rail Open House Meeting

California High-Speed Rail Authority is in the process of planning the route that would carry trains along the corridor south of Diridon Station. The preference of CHSRA is to lay an additional track along the existing corridor currently used by Caltrain and UPRR. This alignment would necessitate the eminent domain acquisition of several parcels of land including those currently used by Fuller Park and the San José Word of Faith Church among others. Alternate alignments considered include an aerial route over CA87 and I-280 as well as an underground approach. If you would like to learn more or possibly voice your concerns, CHSRA is holding a community open house meeting.

Berryessa Community Center
5:00 to 8:00pm
3050 Berryessa Rd.
San José, CA 95132

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Willow Glen neighborhood garage sale June 11

From Willow Glen Charm:
Every year hundreds of houses participate in the phenomenon that our neighborhood yard sale has become, and “garage sailors” from all around the south bay swing through Willow Glen to score sweet deals on secondhand stuff.
You just hold your yard sale on Saturday, June 11, and register so we can add you to the map.
We will feature your sale as part of an interactive map on the web and promote the overall event via email and Facebook.