Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tamien Towers II, or, Everywhere is Downtown

From Ken Yeager's District 6 newsletter:

"At a recent City Council meeting, I was the sole Councilmember to vote against a proposal to expand the current downtown design guidelines allowing 120-foot high rises throughout the City of San Jose. I voted against this proposal because I believe that a larger community discussion is needed regarding the potential impact of building high rises over 100 feet outside of the Downtown core and in North San Jose.

"To view the video clip of this discussion, please visit This clip is located on the homepage of my website and is posted just after my welcome letter."

The best moment on the clip is listening to Joe Horwedel fumble through his reasoning as to why no community input has been sought on this proposal: because that would slow up the developers who are eager to build those 120' towers in neighborhoods RIGHT NOW.

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