Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Holiday Lights contest winners!

BEST IN SHOW: 1st, 546 Atlanta; 2nd, 982 Delmas. MOST LIGHTS: 1st, 1072 Warren; 2nd, 549 Snyder. MOST ELEGANT: 1st, 562 Fuller; 2nd, 477 Marshall; 3rd, 580 Hull. MOST CREATIVE: 1st, 550 Snyder; 2nd, 440 Atlanta; 3rd, 391 Hull. Each winner received a portion of over $600 worth of gift certificates and prizes donated by local businesses. Congratulations to all! - Dan Erceg with Marci Hildt

(Photo: Dan Erceg delivering prizes in a 1923 Marmon. Click for larger view. Photo by Bruce Victorine)


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  2. I want to personally thank all the Willow Glen Businesses who sponsored our Holiday Lights Contest this holiday season. Together they contributed over $600 in prizes to North Willow Glen. My hope is that our neighborhood residents will repay them over the next year with far more business than they contributed to the Contest.

    Please thank the following sponsors of our Holiday lights Contest by shopping at their businesses in the next few months. And let them know that the North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association sent you.

    Urban Sports
    Park Place
    Mio Vicino Aristo’s
    Noah’s Bagels
    Jamba Juice
    Monsieur Beans
    Willow Glen Meats
    Flower Flour
    La Villa
    Mojo Burger

    I also want to thank all the residents of North Willow Glen who decorated their houses so splendidly and really gave our neighborhood extra holiday cheer. Looking at the lights I was a child again. I unfortunately went off to India for the Christmas season this year so I only got to see the lights until 5 days before the contest night and was unable to set up my sattelite visible light show again this year. I look forward to next year's Holiday Season and an even greater Lighting Contest.

    One Last thanks goes to the Willow Glen Resident for their coverage of our Holiday Lights Contest this year and last. We appreciate the recognition that the Resident has given North Willow Glen and its activities in the past year.

    Harvey Darnell
    President NWGNA