Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dumpster Day this Saturday! Volunteer

Our neighborhood Dumpster Day is this coming Saturday from 8am-11:30am (or until the dumpsters are full). We need some volunteers to help us with this important neighborhood beautification project! If you can volunteer - even for an hour - please contact Chuck Hudson at Reminder: you MUST bring the little blue
card mailed to all residents in order to deposit your junk into the dumpster. Don't show up until 8 am and only residents living in the boundaries of North Willow Glen can make a deposit in the dumpsters. The following materials are prohibited: Tires, wet garbage (kitchen waste), hazardous materials (paint, oil, chemicals, explosives, ammunition, batteries, etc.), dirt or concrete, tar and gravel roofing and tree trunks larger than 6".

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