Sunday, February 28, 2010

Background information for HSR meeting on Tuesday

Information about this week's high-speed rail meeting from Jean Dresden:

On Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., High Speed Rail plans to present a bunch of workshops on various topics. We know for sure that tunneling will be one of the topics. Here are some handouts that might help you create questions.  Be sure to ask why other places with wet soil can build a tunnel and HSR has been saying they can't. Also be sure to ask whether they are selecting the *best* underground alignment to analyze.

(If the links don't work, please cut and paste into your browser.)

COWI   Simple talk with great photos that explain tunneling. Examples from around the world.

LOVAT   Tons of short Tunnel Boring Machine articles from around the world put into a company newsletter. Easy reading.

An index to projects involving Herrenknecht  tunnel boring equipment. Follow the links to see details on any one project or go to the Herrenknecht main site to learn about tunnel boring. Lots of transit tunnels. Interesting.

Rapid Excavation Tunnel Conference Pages 10-21 short descriptions of projects around the world that were described at conference, including how BART will come down West Santa Clara Street.  They had another conference in 2009, too.

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