Wednesday, October 06, 2010

San Jose neighborhood updates

City Memo on Changes to the Police Department Download Document: 09-24-10 CMO.pdf (413.9 KB)

City Memo on Changes at Code EnforcementDownload Document: 10-04-10 PBCE.PDF (62.12 KB)

Neighborhood Leadership Institute Training: Saturday November 13 at San José State For inquiries, please contact Natalie de Leon at (408) 279-2600

Caltrans Problem Report (i.e. Troubles Along 280)

Video of the September 22 NAC Meeting (Thanks, Mark Warlick, Blackford NAC)
CNAC is the Coalition of the "Strong Neighborhood Initiative" (SNI) areas identified by the City of San Jose as requiring the intervention of City resources and neighborhood volunteers to handle problems such as blight, crime and street gangs. This part two of the September executive board meeting held 22 September 2010

The latest from the Redevelopment Agency on Neighborhoods in Crisis

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