Thursday, June 09, 2011

In Search of Street Tree Planting Volunteers

You may recall the efforts that were made to increase the number of street trees in our neighborhood. Figuratively speaking, those efforts will bear fruit on June 18, starting with a tree planting demo at 9am and progressing to the various households immediately thereafter.

Trees are going in on Atlanta (2 households), Delmas (2 households), Fisk (1 household) and Brooks (1 household). We're looking for two teams to lend their hands to the effort; one Fisk/Brooks team and one Atlanta/Delmas team. We can use lots of able bodies to come out and help us and our friends at Our City Forest help plant these trees.

Each of the homeowners will be helping with their own trees and we have 6 other volunteers already lined up. We're looking for up to 9 more to join the effort. Please let us know if you can help. If so, your picture may even be featured on the prestigious NWGNA blog and facebook page!

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