Sunday, August 05, 2012

Reminder: Produce Share at Hummingbird Park Today 1-3p

From today's host, Roy Nordblom:
I will be bringing a pie to cut up and give away to whoever comes Sunday.  It is a Himilayan Blackberry pie I bought at a Farmer's Market in Humboldt County.  I paid $15 for the beautiful thing, and my family is not interested!  So I will give away chilled slices of it to YOU, the neighbor who drops by the Produce Share !!

I have this big fat watermelon that I will be cutting up and giving away to whoever wants some.  A gift from the garden, this juicy melon will be free for the tasting at Hummingbird Park sunday afternoon!

My peach tree has produced peaches in it's very first year in the ground!  The tree is still a baby, only about 9' tall at the best, but there are a ton of sweet, juicy peaches coming off that little tree!  I have a basket of them to give away, I will slice up a bunch and let visitors to the park taste them, and take some home, free.

My daughter Dove has a kid's table.  At the children's table there will be free shells from the Atlantic Ocean, shiny rocks and crystals, and other fun stuff for little people to play with and take home.  Bring your own extra bling to share.

What is EXTRA STUFF to share?  You know, edible schwag, yummy loot, something valuable that you have way too much of, it will go bad before you will be able to consume it anyway, may as well give some to your neighbors.

Your fruit tree that is constantly dropping stuff, vegetable bounty that all comes ripe at the same time, what do you do with the excess? too much of something you bought in bulk at Costco now what are you going to do with it?  Extra leftovers in the refrigerator, those extra cookies you baked - SHARE them with your neighbors

It is like a free farmer's market.  Everyone has something to share, everyone comes away from the Produce Share with a fun bag of free to take home.  Oh, and it is a great way to meet your neighbors and make friends.  Kid friendly, too!

North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association
Sunday PRODUCE SHARE at Hummingbird Park on Bird Avenue @Fisk  1-3p

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