Thursday, December 06, 2012

Street sweeping Friday morning

Our neighborhood's street sweeping day is this Friday. Reminders from the City of San Jose:

  • Move vehicles off the street on your sweep day. One parked car equals nearly three car lengths of space that can't be swept because the street sweeper must leave room to avoid it. Visit Vehicle Abatement to report vehicles abandoned for more than 72 hours.
  • Fallen leaves collected by the street sweeper end up in the landfill. Consider using them to make compost or as mulch under trees and bushes. Or collect and save them until your next collection day to be turned into compost for City parks.
  • Sweep up yard trimmings that remain behind after collection; don't re-pile them. Instead, save them for next week's collection. Street sweepers drive around piles to avoid rocks or other unseen items that can damage their equipment.
  • Street sweepers steer clear of low-hanging tree branches to avoid breaking them. Prune tree branches to at least 13 feet above the curb. Call the Street Tree Section at (408) 794-1901 for a free pruning permit for trees growing between the sidewalk and street.

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