Saturday, February 09, 2013

Another warning from a neighbor...

This is being posted from the WGNA list with permission.
I got a phone call from "Microsoft" about a month ago telling me that my computer was sending them messages that I had a virus. He said that he could fix it right now. So after a few minutes of him controlling my computer, he said "your system is fixed, you owe me $200.00". I said "What? You never said I had to pay for a Microsoft tech" ... he said "I've destroyed your entire system, if you want your things back, you have to pay me $200.00". I said "no way" and then, to my shock, on my screen appeared an 'adult image not even appropriate for me to see' and when I tried to move my mouse to X it out, he said "see, I have control of everything, you going to pay now?" I said no and he hung up. When I clicked on my Outlook Inbox, it was gone....all my photographs were gone (some that are un-replaceable of family member who have passed), my Real Player was empty of songs & videos, I was writing a childs book - a manuscript for owning a dog, that was gone-about 3 years in the yahoo was gone....most apps were gone! I took my system to Fry's and he said, there is a way to retrieve some of your things but it would cost more than a new system!
I called Microsoft and they said they Never call a computer user for anything. They said they've been having allot of people falling for this scam. So now the work really began....had to cancel all my credit cards, banking on-line had to be froze - and the scary thing, he knows where I live, my social security number, my driver's license, my medical info and on and on!
Please let your son read this and have him tell his friends as well. The man spoke with a foreign accent and spoke very fast.
I reported it to the SJ Police Department Fraud Division, my banks etc...there is nothing that anyone could do.

What an awful and violated feeling still stays with me. Never Ever let anyone 'remote access' your system. I didn't even know what that meant....what an expensive lessen.

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