Thursday, May 02, 2013

North Willow Glen Neighborhood Garage Sale May 18!

We're getting closer to our May 18 Garage Sale. The buzz is spreading. Here's a little more info for you.

What NWGNA will do for you
We run all the ads, post all the signs, inflate all the balloons, build a Google Map of the homes.

What you do
Set up your stuff. It can be as easy as that!

For best results
1) Get your house on our map - send your address to
2) Become featured on our site - send a short list of your most impressive sale items to
3) Post your ad on Craigslist - include "North Willow Glen" and pictures
4) Be ready on time - Motivated shoppers will be there right at 8am looking for those great items

Got stuff to get rid of but don't want to host a garage sale?
Donate it to NWGNA. Just call (510) 593-6078 by Friday, May 17 to learn how. Proceeds from the sale of donated items will go to putting on more awesome neighborhood events.

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