Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Water-Wise Wednesday

This week we have some great news. Maybe you've already heard about the rebate program for converting your high water use landscape to a low water use landscape. As of April 22nd, those rebates have doubled! Due to the severe drought conditions, through September 30th you can earn $2 per square foot from Santa Clara Valley Water District's Landscape Conversion Rebate Program.  As the saying goes, some conditions apply.

Be sure you get pre-approval before killing or removing your lawn. They will need to know what you started with to get a baseline. Consult their Qualifying Plant List. That's not as restrictive as it may sound - the sucker's 15 pages long so there's a good chance you can find plants you'll be happy with. If you have an irrigation system, it will need to be converted to a drip system. This is easier than it sounds. It's easily within DIY parameters. Finally, make sure that once you've received your approval, your landscaping is completed within 90 days.

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