Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Development at 552 Coe

As you may have recently seen, the lot at 552 Coe has been largely cleared, with the exception of one structure. A sign on Coe, as shown, informs us to two requested variances. There are two requests for variances in the setbacks of accessory buildings. The developer wishes to alter the setbacks from 60' to 20'. We contacted Planning Division staff Liz Schuller to get more information on the subject. Liz informed us that the property will be divided into two lots. They are each unusual in that they have two front setbacks because there is no rear property line - unusual to most properties but common to those between Coe and Fisk. As you may know, homes in this area often faceCoe Avenue but have a garage entrance on Fisk. That is the proposed orientation for these lots as well. If approved, the variances would allow the garages to be placed 20' from Fisk. Those homes with garages on Fisk are typically older and their garages are right up against the sidewalk. The 20' setback is a comparative improvement, allowing for parking on the driveway as well as improved sight lines for ingress and egress.

The houses themselves will be two stories tall. Code dictates that houses not exceed a Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 45%. This means at the floor level, the house may not cover more than 45% of the lot. We were forwarded some preliminary drawings for lot 23 (the lot closer to Bird Ave.) which reveals some other details specific to that lot.

  • The plan is just within the 45% threshold (at 44.89%) so there are no FAR variances requested.
  • Side setbacks are at the 5' minimum.
  • Total living space will be 2587 square feet. 
  • The garage is 20'x20', so 400 square feet. 
  • Trees at the SW and NW corners of the property will be left in place.


  1. Thanks for the detail -- I walk past those properties almost daily, and it's good to get a better picture of what is being built!

    1. The foundation forms were recently placed on the site. The homes will be mirror images of one another in terms of layout, though the city informs us that the materials will differ to prevent them from looking exactly alike.