Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bikeways Meeting Tonight, 6pm

Curbside bike lane, painted & parking buffer.
Photo: People for Bikes
The City of San José Department of Transportation will host a public meeting to discuss proposed bicycle‐related street improvements for the area west of downtown San Jose tonight, August 13, 2014, 6:00 PM, at Gardner Community Center, 520 W. Virginia St. 

How do you think bikeways could be improved in our area? Do the lanes we have get you where you need to go? Does it strike you as odd that Bird has a large painted buffer between auto traffic and the median and yet the bicycle lane is right up against traffic? Is it strange that the lane ends abruptly at Virginia rather than continuing on over 280 to popular public transit destinations such as the CA-17 Shuttle stop or to the existing Enhanced Bicycle Lane on San Fernando that could take you to Diridon Station? Would you like to see the Willow Street Bicycle Lane upgraded to an Enhanced Bicycle Lane with green paint and/or a buffer that could get us more safely to downtown Willow Glen? How about a bike lane up Prevost to Virginia to the Guadalupe River Trail along with a ramp to ascend Virginia's enormous curb. If you'd like to see these changes or any others you've dreamt up happen sooner rather than later, here's your chance to communicate that to the people in charge of these matters.

The following is a brief overview of the upcoming planned bikeway improvements.

Stockton Avenue:
add Bicycle Lanes between The Alameda and Emory Street

Julian Street:
add Bicycle Lanes between The Alameda and Guadalupe River Trail

Park Avenue:
add new and improve existing Bicycle Lanes from Market Street to the Santa Clara city limits

Lincoln Avenue:
add Bicycle Lanes between Willow Street and San Carlos Street
add Shared Lane pavement markings and signing between San Carlos Street and Park Avenue

add Shared Roadway pavement markings between MacArthur Avenue and Los Gatos Creek Trail

You can find more comprehensive details of the above plans in the full contents of the DOT flier by clicking here to download the Acrobat file.

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