Thursday, July 16, 2015

Greater Gardner Neighborhood: Historic Context Survey

Have you ever wondered about the history of our neighborhood? What led to the construction of this eclectic group of homes? Could parts of our neighborhood be considered historic?

At the request of the City of San José, the firm Archives and Architecture created a document titled Greater Gardner Neighborhood: Historic Context Survey. This 103 page document chronicles our neighborhood's history from the founding of the first pueblo in Spanish California to the document's publication in 2011. In it you will learn about significant figures and families in our area's history such as Isaac Bird and Henry W. Coe. There is a great deal of information regarding our housing inventory including some the authors regard as contributors to the historic nature of our neighborhood, potential historic resources, and even lists the 27 properties which meet the criteria to be San Jose City Landmark Structures.

If you are curious about this, you can click here to read the entire document.

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