Thursday, October 15, 2015

"Coffee with a Cop" event was a success!

Today, San Jose Police hosted "Coffee with a Cop" at Roy's Station, a coffee and tea shop with a long history in Japantown.

There was a big turnout, with many officers from SJPD and CHP speaking with lots of residents.

When asked what neighbors could do to support a safer environment in San Jose, here's what the officers said:

Know your neighbors. Introduce yourself. Stop to chat occasionally. Watch out for each other.
  • Commonly, when something like a property crime happens, police discover that neighbors do not know each other and don't know when something is amiss. If you know what belongs, you can learn what doesn't belong.
  • Actively participate in online communities to discuss safety issues with neighbors. For North Willow Glen, this includes our Facebook page, NWGNA blog, Yahoo! Groups email list, and info. We try to cross-post across these forums so that you can choose the one(s) that you like, but not always.
  • Call 311 for anything that is suspicious. Call, call, call. And, if you are calling from a cell phone, use 408-277-8900. By calling, you add your voice to others to help police allocate limited resources. If you don't call, they don't know about it and cannot help.

Let road rage go; don't engage other drivers.
  • A CHP officer talked about the amount of time he spends diffusing heated arguments between two drivers that could be avoided if they were to forgive and forget. Let those precious resources focus on bigger issues by declining to participate in yelling, gesturing, or driving aggressively when you are upset by other drivers.
Among the common misconceptions about law enforcement:
  • We are always taking a break.
    • Officers spoke about the pace of their work and how infrequently they actually take breaks. Those wisecracks about coffee and donuts seem to wear thin.
  • We don't care.
    • They do. A lot.
  • We like writing tickets. 
    • Several officers talked about not wanting to ruin someone's day or cost them money. Sometimes it can't be avoided, though.
  • Situations are black and white.
    • One officer spoke about how much they operate in gray areas and have to make judgement calls while handling calls.
This event will be held again. Go!

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