Sunday, November 20, 2022

Creating lighted arches for the holidays

Neighbors in North Willow Glen are creating lighted arches for the holidays. If you would like to create your own, here is a quick how-to.

Materials that we used for each arch:

  • One light string (we used this one from Home Depot with 100 lights along a 28.5-foot lighted length)
  • Two 10-foot 1/2-inch PVC pipes
  • One 1/2-inch coupler
  • Two pieces of 3/8-inch rebar cut each into two-foot lengths

Directions and what we learned:

  • If your lights come packaged in two bundles, note where the middle of the bundles are so that you can distribute your lights across the two pipes semi evenly.
  • Connect the two pipes with the coupler and push them together as hard as you can.
  • Attach your light string to one end of the PVC with blue painter's tape
  • Twist the light string around with somewhat even spacing, maybe 3 or 4 inches apart with the light string that we used. Have a person twist the pipe from one end to help you quickly twist the lights on.
  • Attach the lights to the second end with a twist tie.
  • Pound the rebar stakes into the ground (watch for any irrigation pipes) about one foot down
  • Place one end of the arch onto the first stake and bend your arch to fit it into the second end.
  • Light 'em up and enjoy!

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