Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Walgreen's/alcohol: Planning meeting TONIGHT

Information from Harvey Darnell, Chair, Greater Gardner SNI NAC, about an important meeting tonight:

Walgreen's did not listen to the unanimous community disapproval at the October Community Meeting of their plan to sell alcohol at the Bird and Willow Walgreens and decided to move it forward to a vote of the Planning Commission this Wednesday. Walgreens lawyers did this in spite of a report from the Planning Director recommending they deny the permit. I talked to the Community Coordinator for Walgreens and he indicated that even if they loose the Planning Commission vote they may appeal the decision to the full City Council. I reiterated the position of the Greater Gardner SNI NAC that there were already too many alcohol outlets in the neighborhood and that when Walgreens sold it in the past they had theft and gang problems related to the alcohol which improved when they stopped selling alcohol. I also stressed that they had problems with people using the Railroad tracks to have "Parties" which diminished once they stopped selling Alcohol and that given this is to become the Three Creeks Trail adding alcohol back would be detrimental to the trail atmosphere.

I am calling for a large number of community members to come to the Planning Commission Meeting to both remind the Planning Commission that the North Willow Glen Area Community does not need another alcohol outlet and to impress on the Walgreens Lawyers that they should not appeal the Decision to the City Council in the face of the Community Opposition. Even if you don't wish to speak to the Planning Commssion in Opposition We will have some way to let them see how many folks in the audience are opposed to granting the permit.

The Planning Commission Meeting is this Wednesday December 1 at 6:30 p.m. at the City Council Chambers, First Floor, City Hall Wing, 200 East Santa Clara Street (4th and Santa Clara).

The following is a link to the Planning Commission Agenda:

The following is a link to the Staff report recommending denial of the permit:

I hope to see many of you at the Planning Commission on Wednesday to let Walgreens know they should listen to the Community's concerns about alcohol sales at this Walgreensand keep alcohol sales off the Three Creeks Trail.

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