Sunday, February 12, 2012

Online Petition to Save CAP Grants

CAP grants have enabled the North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association to make great strides in the improvement of our neighborhood. With the modest funding we receive we have been able to pull our neighbors closer together to keep them involved and invested in their neighborhood. CAP grant funding has helped us to hold community meetings with guest speakers, advertise our Produce Share, hold neighborhood-wide garage sales, a summer's end Party in the Park, fight graffiti, and decorate our neighborhood for the holidays. In return NWGNA volunteers contribute hundreds of hours to the cause. CAP grants are a small outlay for such an amazing return on investment.

Please take just a few minutes to complete this online petition. It could make a significant difference in your neighborhood. The likely elimination of CAP grant funds are the greatest challenge NWGNA has faced in quite some time. If we are not able to secure funding we will need to spend time we would otherwise devote to neighborhood projects attempting to raise funds. We have a few strategies in mind to do this but it will be a formidable challenge. A reduction in capital will have its greatest impact on our outreach. We will simply not be able to reach as many neighbors because printing costs will be so high. We have been building our online audience over the years however those not connected will likely see a significant drop-off.

Please help us keep our community connected.

Chris Davis

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