Monday, February 06, 2012

Reminder: Signs on Posts and Trees

Throughout the neighborhood we often have some great garage or yard sales cropping up here and there and sometimes we have the unfortunate lost pet. In either circumstance, we often see signs affixed to poles or trees. Sometimes this is done properly and sometimes not so much. So if you're planning to have an event and would like to post signs to our neighborhood poles, please follow our tips, because the city does not maintain the look of our poles for us; our friendly neighborhood volunteers do that. So let's make it a bit easier on them and keep our neighborhood looking great. The number one rule is to take your sign down after your event is over. We know that after a long day, this can be the last thing anyone wants to do, but old expired signs can pile up and contribute greatly to blight. When you post your signs, please use zip ties, wire ties, or painters tape to attach signs to poles or trees. These methods are secure enough to do the job and they do not leave behind a sticky residue or remove paint from the poles. The same can not be said of duct tape or packing tape which are much too aggressive for this purpose. By all means, let's not use nails to attach signs to trees as this can be very damaging. We appreciate your help keeping North Willow Glen looking great and we wish you great success with your garage sale or the recovery of a pet.

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