Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reminder: Beautification Party - Sunday, June 24

Signature Project

Join us Sunday, June 24 starting at 9am and continuing through to noon as we put a final coat of paint on the Prevost railroad bridge. There will also be some fence and light pole painting and some light weeding.

Kids Section! 

Our president, Chris Davis, father of two, will keep your kids safe, busy, and entertained while you get to know your neighbors and help out. We'll supply everything they need, you just bring them in their painting clothes.


Our city councilman, Pierluigi Oliverio is providing food and refreshments for our barbeque in Hummingbird Park at noon.

We'd like to know how many to prepare for, so please fill out this super brief, not at all mandatory questionnaire to help us gauge how many to prepare for. See you there!

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