Friday, June 01, 2012

Summer Beautification Party - Sunday, June 24

Signature Project

We will be continuing our work on bringing up the neighborhood Sunday, June 24 starting at 9am and continuing through to noon. In the spring we knocked out most of the Prevost RR bridge. Its south side is looking great, as is most of the interior. For our summer project we will put a fresh coat of paint on the north side so it looks as good coming into North Willow Glen as it now does leaving. There will also be some fence and light pole painting and some light weeding.

Kids Section!  

This time we've got some added flair. We know many people out there following us have kids and while you'd like to participate, what will you do with them? Our treasurer, Lila Kakuk, mother of two little girls will keep your kids safe, busy, and entertained while you get to know your neighbors and help out. We'll supply everything they need, you just bring them in their painting clothes. We'll have paint, brushes, and a fence that is perfect kid height. The park is right there so there will be fun happening there when the novelty of painting and weed mutilation wears off.


Get rewarded for your efforts by walking down to Hummingbird Park with a side dish or little snack. We'll fire up the barbeque and have some hot dogs cooking and plenty of shade and water for all our workers. And because Hummingbird has all those fun toys there will be plenty of entertainment for the kiddos.

We'd like to know how many to prepare for, so please fill out this super brief, not at all mandatory questionnaire to help us gauge how many to prepare for. See you there!

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