Monday, July 25, 2016

This is who volunteers in North Willow Glen, Part 3

Another in our occasional series about who volunteers in North Willow Glen.

Chris Davis
Year you moved into the neighborhood: 2008
What drew you to North Willow Glen: We wanted to be central to San Jose and being in a primarily single family home neighborhood within walking distance to both downtown San Jose and downtown Willow Glen couldn't be beat.
What you love about our neighborhood: We quickly became friends with several of our neighbors - some right on the day we got the keys! I soon learned about the history of the neighborhood and its eclectic architecture. When I found out the neighborhood association needed help I decided to check it out and see what it was all about and what I could do to help.
What you do to help out in North Willow Glen and why it’s important to you: I presently help out with NWGNA communications by contributing website, Facebook, Nextdoor, and e-mail content as well as flier design and distribution. I would like to make sure that people know about what is going on in our neighborhood. NWGNA does a good job of bringing people together and neighbors getting to know neighbors is really what makes for a neighborhood. I also really like to keep blight out of our neighborhood so I report graffiti obsessively while I'm out walking my dog. From 2010-2013 I served on the NWGNA board as secretary, president, and past president. Thanks to all the people who donated their time to the cause, we were able to start new traditions like Party in the Park and revive old ones like the neighborhood garage sale. It's more fun than work and the people are great and have become good friends. I encourage anyone who has the time to meet once a month to check out the available board or committee positions.

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