Sunday, July 31, 2016

This is who volunteers in North Willow Glen, Part 6

Another in our occasional series about who volunteers in North Willow Glen.

Taffy Dugan

Year you moved into the neighborhood: 2008
What drew you to North Willow Glen: I used to own a cookie company and sold cookies at the Willow Glen Farmers' Market. This was when it was still at Willow Glen Elementary School.  I was struck then by how family-oriented Willow Glen was and started dreaming of living here.
What do you love about our neighborhood? I remember visiting a friend who lived here in North Willow Glen and falling immediately in love with this neighborhood. So quaint and friendly. Being originally from the South, I grew up knowing my neighbors. It's so nice to live in a place where that's true again.

What you do to help out in North Willow Glen and why is it important to you? Delivering fliers mostly, and participating in events. I feel it's important to do my part, however small or large that may be, to nurture the closeness of our neighborhood. I've been delivering the fliers since we moved here almost eight years ago, so I've really enjoyed seeing how each house has changed over the years.

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