Friday, July 29, 2016

This is who volunteers in North Willow Glen, Part 5

Another in our occasional series about who volunteers in North Willow Glen.

John Francis Maggio

Year you moved into the neighborhood: We moved onto Harrison Street in 1985.
What drew you to North Willow Glen: Our house, on that street, with that backyard!
What you love about our neighborhood: We have a beautiful tree lined street with mature camphors that keep our neighborhood shaded and cool in the hottest weather.
What you do to help out in North Willow Glen and why it’s important to you: I keep an eye out on the railroads Joint Powers land. I watch and let them know  when they have too much trash in their lot. And I keep reminding the railroad what it  takes to be a good neighbor. They need all the help they can get in that regard! I wrote up my own flyers for the street so that they were aware when San Jose Water was going to put in a new water line and how the subsequent trenching through the street was going to affect their curb trees, i.e. our camphors. In that regard, I established contact with the water department and with the city arborist. San Jose Water agreed to keep an certified arborist on site during the digging. I was  able to confirm that an arborist from Davey Tree Company was present. I also wrote up a flyer with all my railroad contacts so that other neighbors were empowered to contact the railroad and point out when the trash or the train noise was too much.
Member of CADRE, Collaborating Agencies Disaster Relief Effort.

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