Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bay-Friendly Garden Tours

The Bay-Friendly Coalition is hosting their annual self-guided garden tour to celebrate the diverse styeols of bay-friendly gardents with a visits to locations in Alameda, Napa, and Santa Clara counties.

This year’s host gardens run the length of the Bay Area, from San Jose to Napa. They also represent the many different styles of Bay-Friendly; you will find urban homesteads with goats, chickens, and vegetables, hillside collector’s gardens with amazing views, and large lots with acres of growing space. The host gardeners themselves are a diverse group that includes permaculturists, native plant enthusiasts, do-it-yourselfers, and professional landscapers.

Find out more information, view their web site.

The Bay-Friendly Landscaping & Gardening Coalition works in partnership to reduce waste and pollution, conserve natural resources, and create vibrant landscapes and gardens.

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