Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shade your house and sidewalk with a free tree

2003 tree planting in the neighborhood
The North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association is looking for households that would like to obtain a free street tree. If at least 10 households in our neighborhood want trees, NWGNA can partner with Our City Forest, a local nonprofit group, to plant a free tree in the parking strip front of your house.

What do you have to do to obtain a free street tree?

1. Apply for a street tree from Our City Forest by April 30. Our City Forest uses a standard application. The application asks you to commit to take care of the street tree that’s planted in front of your house. You will need to give the street tree regular water until so that its roots can become established and grow up healthy. This is especially important during the summer.

2. Be available on tree planting day. NWGNA estimates that planting will take place on a Saturday in early June. On that day, volunteers will dig a hole in the parking strip in front of your house and plant the tree. If you want, you can help with the planting but it is not a requirement.

If you are interested in applying for a free street tree, contact Kim at 408-947-1159 or ASAP to obtain an application. You will be asked to complete the application and return it to Kim by April 30. All applications from our neighborhood will be batched and given to Our City Forest. NWGNA will know by May 1 whether there is enough interest to partner with Our City Forest. If there is enough interest, NWGNA will tell you before the end of May when the planting date will be.

Note: A limited number of households may be eligible for free concrete removal to enable tree planting. Once NWGNA knows the number of households that are interested in obtaining trees, NWGNA will be able to confirm whether concrete removal is possible.

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