Monday, April 18, 2011

City of San Jose Redistricting Underway

Every 10 years, after new population figures from the decennial census are released by the U.S. Census Bureau, San Jose establishes new City Council District boundaries. These boundaries determine which Council District represents each resident, and ensures equal representation for San Jose citizens.

To provide maximum community input on redistricting issues and interests, public meetings will be held in the coming months at various locations in the City. Please check this web site for information and updates as they become available.

Summary statistics are included in a series of tables/links listed below.

*Table 1 (Revised): Population Variation
*Table 2 (Revised): Redistricting Implications
*Table 3 (Revised): Population and Housing Growth
*Table 4 (Revised): Race and Ethnicity (Hispanic Inclusive)
*Table 5 (Revised): Race and Ethnicity (Hispanic Exclusive)
*Table 6 (Revised): Population and Housing Occupancy Status

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